our story

  • the unofficial date

    { 01/30/2010 }

    Jeff asked Alison to a birthday party at the Opus via Facebook. She had no idea this was a date. #clueless

  • Jeff makes his move

    { 10/29/2010 }

    After a few months of not interacting, Jeff tried flirting with Alison on Facebook after moving to Madison. He told her to visit “her favorite L2” since he was working nights.

  • the first date

    { 12/03/2010 }

    The Facebook flirting paid off. On a snowy day, Jeff & Alison went on their first official date.

  • Italy

    { 08/22/2011 }

    Before they started dating, Alison had planned a month-long trip in Europe. Jeff joined her for the last leg of the trip — a tour of 4 cities in Italy.

  • Brutus is adopted

    { 09/05/2011 }

    Brutus joined the couple as their first pet. He loves naps as much as Jeff does & shares his love of popcorn with Alison.

  • Colorado

    { 06/01/2012 }

    Weeks before Alison ditched her day job, they took a trip to Colorado. It was a fun week of touring Denver, Boulder & Colorado Springs.

  • becoming homeowners

    { 10/31/2013 }

    Only 4 months after breaking ground, Jeff & Alison move into their first house together. It was designed by Alison’s dad.

  • Pixel is adopted

    { 07/12/2014 }

    After being a one dog family, Jeff & Alison adopted Pixel & have loved having 2 pooches ever since.

  • Punta Cana

    { 10/19/2014 }

    For a relaxing getaway, Jeff & Alison take their first all-inclusive resort trip with 2 of their good friends to Punta Cana.

  • Las Vegas

    { 07/16/2015 }

    This was their first trip to Las Vegas together & one of their favorites. They spent a long weekend by the pool and in the casino with their 4 best friends.

  • Surprise Party

    { 10/09/2015 }

    Alison planned & successfully threw a surprise birthday party for Jeff’s 30th birthday. He was surrounded by friends, family, pizza & Carl’s red velvet cake, so it was a great day.

  • British Virgin Islands

    { 01/18/2016 }

    Last year, Alison got to share the experience of sailing in the BVI with Jeff. They stayed on her dad’s boat with 2 friends & island-hopped, snorkeled & avoided the internet for a full week.

  • Jeff Proposes

    { 06/10/2016 }

    Jeff & Alison went to Montréal, Quebec to celebrate her 30th birthday. In front of the Notre Dame cathedral, Jeff popped the question and of course Alison said “yes!”

  • the big day

    { 09/16/2017 }

    Jeff & Alison’s wedding day — they can’t wait! Learn more about the day’s events here.

  • The Honeymoon

    { 09/18/2017 }

    Days after getting hitched, they’re off on their honeymoon! They’ll start by spending a week in Iceland, followed by a week in France.
    Follow along on their travels once the newlyweds leave!